YouTeam Squads takes the guesswork out of setting up a remote office.Get Started
Why YouTeam Squads?

Complete transparency You control salary, bonuses, scheduling, and benefits, as well as have full IP rights. Unlike with outsourcing, every cent you pay goes directly to developers, each of them dedicated to growing with the company.
World-class talentYouTeam sources your developers from our globe-spanning network of over 3,000 engineers in 34countries, meaning you get better matches faster. Opportunity is local, but talent is global.
Remote never felt so closeYour new office’s furniture, decorations, and color scheme all match your HQ – down to your logo onthe wall. A 24/7 video link with the office back home completes the connection.

Get started beforeyou know it.

Know how it works
YouTeam acts as a recruiterSetting up interviews with qualified candidates and helpingyou build your new team. Don’t worry—you never pay any recruitment fees.

Once you’ve assembled your team of superstar developers,YouTeam starts building your new office around your Squad.

YouTeam designs your Squad’s office to match the look and feel of yourmain office. Feel right at home even if you’re 10,000 miles away.

Work starts. Your YouTeam Squads contact is your local expertfor everything taking place in your host country.
10,000 miles away.Right at your fingertips.YouTeam Squads puts you in control, so you can work justas closely with your Squad as you do with employees based atyour HQ. YouTeam’s worldwide network ensures you can find aSquad available in your time zone if you need it.

Real benefits.Transparent pricing.

YouTeam Squads charges a single monthly fee that covers everything.No hidden charges. For a flat fee of $1,950 per engineer per month,you get recruitment services, office space, equipment, assistance with paperwork,local tax advice, training and reporting services, and much, much more.

All things covered by YouTeam Squads:

  • imageRecruitment services
  • imageJob marketing campaigns
  • imageCandidate pre-screening
  • imageAssistance with salary negotiation
  • imageCandidate services
  • imageDeveloper onboarding
  • imageRecruitment services
  • imageMilestone tracking
  • imagePerformance monitoring
  • imageOffice facilities management
  • imageLegal work relationship setup
  • imageOffice space branding
  • imageTime and absence tracking
  • imageCompensation advise market research

Customers love YouTeam Squads.

“It’s just much more convenient to find a small team. I talk to one person, get 5 hand-picked CVs, interview candidates, hire the best ones – and I’m done!”

Florian Mott
CEO and Co-Founder